Photo Albums

Keep your precious memories vivid.

With YUPO, photos from weddings and other important family memories can be safely stored for a long time.

Photo Albums (Album)

No deformation or waving due to moisture absorption.

Photo Albums (Photos)

YUPO has a small amount of contaminants (impurities), making it suitable for photo prints. With YUPO, you can also simplify product inspections.

Recommended product grades


  • QJJ350~500μm
  • Thick

Thicker/double-sided matte product

Double-sided matte type. Particularly thick among YUPO products. A variety of thicknesses are available.

For digital printing

  • YPI150~300μm
  • For digital printing

Compatible with HP Indigo digital printing presses/
production printers

Compatible with digital printing presses. Suitable for photo prints with little foreign matter.


  • TPRA60, 90 μm
  • Translucent

Translucent product with excellent durability

A thin translucent product.

Both sides are suitable for handwriting.