Packaging and Wrapping Paper

Improving brand image with unbreakable YUPO.

Utilizing its durability and water resistance, YUPO is used for wrapping paper and hanging paper for candy outer boxes and refrigerated local specialties.


With high tear strength, packaging stays in good condition. Packaging can be reused as it is.

Specialty Goods

Because YUPO does not change significantly even at low temperatures, it is perfect for products that require freezing and refrigeration.

Recommended product grades


  • FGS60~300μm
  • Standard

Improved dust/For oil-based/UV offset

A general-purpose product with a wide variety of thicknesses.

  • FRR70μm
  • Standard

Product for general offset ink/for single-sided printing

This product supports oil-based offset printing with general-paper inks (up to 2 color overlays)

  • FRRG110, 130 μm
  • Standard

Product for general offset ink/for single-sided printing

In addition to the features of previous products, this product reduces CO2 emissions by replacing some of the fossil fuel-derived resin, which is the main raw material, with plant-derived biomass resin.

Laminated products

  • WSF110, 160 μm
  • Laminated products

Japanese paper texture

This product is a laminate of YUPO and unwoven fabric. Ideal for posters and packaging with a Japanese paper texture.


  • TPRA60, 90 μm
  • Translucent

Translucent product with excellent durability

A thin translucent product.

Provides a sense of luxury.