Message from the President

By anticipating the needs of the era and creating new value, YUPO will contribute to the development of society.

Thank you always for your patronage of YUPO CORPORATION. Our company was founded in May, 1969 from a 50/50 joint venture by Oji Paper Co., Ltd. (present Oji Holdings Corporation) and Mitsubishi Petrochemical Co., Ltd. (present Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation) with the aim of developing a "dream paper" alternative to general paper made from pulp.

In 1960s-era Japan, which depended on imports for most of its general paper raw material due to increasing consumption of forest resources, it was expected that replacement of general paper with plastics produced from inexpensive petroleum would offer significant benefits in terms of resources and economics. With the Japanese government taking the lead, many industrial companies undertook synthetic paper research with the aim of commercialization, and, in line with the development of synthetic resin processing technology, made attempts to produce films with paper-like properties. This was the dawn of synthetic paper. Synthetic paper was a promising new material that was expected to make major contributions to the protection of forest and water resources. The two oil crises caused a change in direction from the original development aim of a substitute for general paper. However, by utilizing characteristics unique to synthetic paper, we have provided numerous products in areas that paper and plastics cannot address, and have contributed to society.

Since its foundation, YUPO CORPORATION has met the needs of ever more sophisticated and diversified customers by developing synthetic paper through proprietary technologies that do not require a surface coating process, and by adding a variety of functions. As a pioneer in the niche market of synthetic paper and as a leading company, we will continue to develop and provide new products that are ahead of the times, and will aim to serve as a company that continues providing products that satisfy your needs.

We ask for your continued understanding and support.

Masashi Watanabe,