Environment and Safety

Since its inception, YUPO CORPORATION has been conducting business with the mission of resolving environmental issues and other social issues.

Environmental Initiatives

Treasuring the earth

We would like to value the seas, forests, air, and people living on the Earth.
Together with the YUPO environmental logo which symbolizes these thoughts, we will continue to contribute to society with the mission of preserving the environment and reducing environmental impact.

YUPO's Six Missions

Protect land and forests

Our products are tree free.

Protect oceans and all waterways

Our production uses very little water (unlike conventional paper production).

Protect air quality

We use no heavy metals, toxic materials or ozone-depleting substances.

Conserve fuel resources

Used YUPO is recycled as RPF, etc. for use as boiler fuel.

Conserve natural resources

We reuse leftover scrap material from the production of YUPO.

YUPO is manufactured in factories that have acquired ISO14001 certification.

ISO14001 is an international standard for "Environmental Management Systems" that continuously improve the environmental impact caused by corporate activities.
Our KASHIMA FACTORY and research and development laboratory acquired this certification in March 2000. Based on our environmental policy, we work to save energy, recycle, reduce waste, and prevent pollution and accidents to contribute to the local community and the global environment.

Disposing of YUPO

  • When disposing of YUPO as general household waste, please use your local government's plastic classification.
  • When disposing of YUPO as business waste, please dispose of it as industrial waste.

Product environmental safety

Maintenance and management of product safety

YUPO CORPORATION develops and markets a variety of products. In particular, in the development of new products, the use of new raw materials is often essential. When adopting new raw materials, we conduct manufacturer surveys on the content of regulated chemical substances with respect to our internal voluntary standard which covers various laws and regulations. By only using raw materials that conform to our voluntary standard, we ensure product safety.

Furthermore, as the number of regulated chemical substances increases due to various regulatory revisions, the regulatory compliance status of our products may change due to these revisions. At YUPO CORPORATION, we strive to understand trends in regulatory revisions, and if we discover a change in a regulated chemical substance, we check the conformity of our products with respect to the revised regulations and take measures as necessary. In this way we maintain and manage product safety.

Communication of information on chemical substances in products

The environment is an international issue, and as environmental awareness increases, products must be environmentally-friendly as well as being high-quality and low cost . As regulations are tightened around the world and the number of regulated chemical substances increases, it is very important for us to communicate information on the regulated chemical substances contained in our products so that customers can use our products properly and safely. YUPO CORPORATION conducts surveys and responds to inquiries from customers regarding various product environmental and safety issues, including chemical substances in products.

Provision of Article Information Sheets (AIS)

YUPO CORPORATION has released the AIS for its main products on its website since 2013. We will continue to provide information on product safety in order to improve our services to our customers.

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