"Our dreams lead our technology, and our technology expands our dreams."
— This section contains information about YUPO CORPORATION's technology bases, research and development laboratories, and factories.

Advanced unique technology and strict quality control: this is YUPO Quality

Our KASHIMA FACTORY is the birthplace of YUPO. It is located in the eastern part of the Kashima Coastal Industrial Zone facing Kashimanada in Ibaraki Prefecture. YUPO is manufactured using polypropylene and inorganic fillers as the main raw materials, using a unique method in the world. It is patented in Europe and the United States.

Located within the complex, which is one of Japan's leading clusters for the petrochemical industry, we can not only strengthen our cost competitiveness, but also access the world's most advanced petrochemical technology. We are constantly developing and introducing new production technologies with the KASHIMA FACTORY as our main factory.

The production line at the KASHIMA FACTORY is automatically controlled by IT to ensure safe and stable production, as well as strict quality control based on the international standard ISO9001, enabling us to deliver products that satisfy our customers all over the world.

Realizing a dream through advanced technology—Birth of a new YUPO story

Backed by our advanced technology and creativity, our research and development laboratories are constantly working on the development of basic technologies to support the next generation of YUPO and the development of new products and new applications that accurately and quickly respond to a wide variety of market needs.

In product development, we have processing equipment such as labeling machines and bottle molding machines as well as printing machines used by customers, and by reproducing the "worksites'' where YUPO is actually used in-house, we are able to work every day to develop applications and improve quality from the customer's perspective.

Our research and development laboratory is located adjacent to the KASHIMA FACTORY, which is the main factory of the YUPO Group, and has a system in which the dreams of development quickly shape as YUPO products through the fusion of product development and production technology.