Management Commitment

YUPO CORPORATION constantly takes on new challenges, responds to the expectations of society and fulfills its corporate social responsibility.

YUPO CORPORATION's corporate philosophy states that the synthetic paper that we develop and manufacture will "create new value" and "contribute to social development."

Our synthetic paper, which was developed as a "dream paper" for the purpose of protecting forest resources, is not only a substitute for paper, but has been accepted by the market as a new material with functional properties that combine the physical properties of synthetic resins with the properties of paper such as printability, secondary processing, and writability. In this way, our synthetic paper contributes to the development of society and culture.

From the environmental point of view, we have been developing eco-friendly products since our founding, and we recognize that we can be said to be a pioneer of eco-businesses in the modern age of recycling-oriented societies. YUPO uses very little water in its manufacturing process (the pulp industry is also becoming very environmentally-friendly when considering wastewater treatment and reuse), and the life cycle assessment (LCA) shows that CO2 emissions per unit area are almost equivalent. As a combustible waste, the amount of ash at the time of heat recovery is almost the same as that of coated paper. And as a high-quality fuel, it contributes greatly to the replacement and reduction of heavy oil and coal. YUPO benefits from these various environmentally friendly characteristics, and it is also known as "smart paper," especially in countries and regions where water resources are scarce. YUPO uses polypropylene and inorganic fillers as its main raw materials, has a low specific gravity, is easy to separate and recover, and can be said to be an environmentally-friendly material from production to disposal.

We aim to achieve further growth by boldly taking on the challenges and transforming various social needs, without restricting ourselves to conventional methods.

In response to the ongoing active efforts to address environmental issues, we established the YUPO Group Environmental Charter in 2019 with the aim of deepening our commitment to environmental issues, which we have been addressing since our founding. While considering the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), among the environmental keywords related synthetic resin products of reduce, reuse, recycle, biomass, and biodegradation, we set the four pillars of recycling, biomass, product development that leads to biodegradation, and resource/energy saving as priority items for our efforts. Going forward, the Group will work together on a number of initiatives based on social needs such as "YUPO GREEN" (YUPO that includes biomass resin), which was launched in 2019.

In terms of social and cultural activities, YUPO has been highly praised in the art field as an art material and printing material, and we are actively cooperating with artists and designers. There are competitions to commercialize ideas from students majoring in design in Japan and overseas, and we will continue to engage in activities to support the arts in various forms. In addition, we hold science classes and social studies classes using YUPO, and work to develop a rich social culture.

We started with the challenge of "making paper from synthetic resin," and our basic spirit since our founding has been to "take on new challenges." We will continue to meet the expectations of society, take on new challenges, and fulfill our corporate social responsibility.

Masashi Watanabe,