Origin of YUPO

About the "YUPO" name

The idea for the name "YUPO" came from an employee's idea to anagrammatize the initial "P" from "Paper" with the "YU" from Mitsubishi Yuka (present Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation) and the "O" from Oji Paper Company (present Oji Holdings Corporation).

About our logo

The orange disc in our logo symbolizes the sun, while the black circle expresses the cosmos. The hand-drawn touch of each conveys a broad-minded and very human optimism, evokes individuality and creativity, and communicates the presence, with its dreams and its natural, gentle, graceful sensibilities. The harmony of the two circles show how YUPO exists alongside and in cooperation with, humans, the earth, and the cosmos.

  • *The YUPO name and logo are registered trademarks of YUPO CORPORATION.