[First in Japan] Synthetic paper containing olefin-based biomass resin

More eco-friendly paper is here!

YUPOGREEN, the new eco-friendly synthetic paper, reduces CO2 emissions, uses almost no water in production and of course is tree free.

Reduced CO2 emissions and less impact on global warming.

YUPOGREEN reduces CO2 emissions by replacing some fossil fuel-derived plastics (the main material in synthetic paper) with plant-derived biomass plastics.

YUPO GREEN contributes to global warming countermeasures by using biomass resin.

This product reduces CO2 emissions by replacing some of the fossil fuel-derived resin, which is the main raw material of previous products, with plant-derived biomass resin.

Environmentally friendly.

Beautiful and durable for a wide range of applications.

YUPOGREEN series are smooth with a beautiful finish, while tearproof and waterproof.

Bottle labels
Business cards

"YUPO GREEN Series" Stock List

Category Product name Product number Standing inventory items Made to
order items
46 size
(788 × 1,091 mm)
Kiku size
(636 × 939 mm)
A size
(625 × 880 mm)
46 size
(546 × 788 mm)
Number sheets per package
Standard ULTRAYUPO FEBG 95, FEBG 110, FEBG 130, FEBG 150 250  
FEBG 200, FEBG 250, FEBG 300     125  
SUPERYUPO FRBG 110, FRBG130   250  
FRRG 70   250  
For label AQUAYUPO LARG 65          
(Roll product)
LARG 95     250  

A double size stock item (1,250 × 880 mm)… FEBG 110,130/B double size stock item (1,600 × 1,100 mm)… FEBG 130

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