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Samples can be requested and inquiries can be sent from the form below. Please send after entering the required items.

  • In "Purpose and details of use" and "Content of inquiry," entering characters other than the following will result in errors: / | , : ; ( ) ? ! . - + @ # & < > " '
  • If there is no response within 3 business days, it is possible that that email messages, etc. are not being received normally. With apologies for the inconvenience, we ask that you please contact us again in this case.
  • Also, we may not be able to respond to sales or solicitations received via an inquiry. We ask for your understanding of the above.
  • For inquiries by telephone please contact the following: Sales: +81-(0)3-5281-0815; Technical: +81-(0)3-5281-0814.
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