Society and Culture

YUPO CORPORATION will contribute to the development of society and culture in various ways through YUPO.

Artist/designer support activities

Flower-based “Tyyli” sold at YUPO Marche.

YUPO is highly regarded as a distinctive material in the field of art, and we cooperate with artists and designers. We provide materials for prototypes, support for cutting tests and printing, renting of research equipment, as well as collaborative planning and opportunities for presentations and commercialization at our company's online shop "YUPO Marche''.

Student projects

Winning students

In order to provide students with the opportunity to connect their ideas to actual products, we hold an art university "YUPO Marche Commercialization Competition". We provide students with YUPO, support them from idea generation to actual work creation, select their works, and support some of the award-winning works for commercialization in YUPO Marche.

Paralym Art

"Paralym Art" Award Ceremony

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of our founding, we started supporting activities for artists with disabilities, and as part of this initiative, we held a Paralym Art Exhibition in 2018 with the theme of "Dream for 50 Years in the Future". We will continue to support people with disabilities toward independence, centering on art.

  • * "Paralym Art" is a registered trademark.

Dream Seeds Project

"Dream Seeds" production

We cooperate with the "Dream Seeds" project by light artist Keita Takahashi. We provided production cooperation and YUPOTRACE for the past five Dream Seeds in 2005, 2006, 2008, 2010, and 2018. At the events, YUPOTRACE "Dream Seeds" depicting children's "dreams" fall down all at once from balloons floating in the night sky.

Regional activities

We are also involved in a wide range of activities that contribute to local communities, such as sponsoring events around Japan.

Elementary school onsite classes

Election experience class

We have been conducting "onsite classes" to convey the appeal of science and chemistry to local elementary school children where we explain the formation of materials using YUPO. In addition, since YUPO is widely used in elections, we hold irregular classes to teach children about elections.

Kamisu City cleaning activities

We participate in cleanup activities around the coast, nearby city, and the area outside our factory in Kamisu City where our factory is located. (6 times/year)

Providing YUPO for events

YUPO directing the Tokyo Agricultural University Daiichi High School Cultural Festival

We provide YUPO as cooperation with festivals and events around the world, and liven up the venues with exhibits that make use of the material functions and textures unique to YUPO.

Contribution to disaster prevention and mitigation

As a material manufacturer, we want to contribute to the safety of as many people as possible through our products. We have created hazard map samples using YUPO and implemented a YUPO hazard map campaign for the past several years.

The water resistance and durability of YUPO, which is resistant to tears even when exposed to rain or wind, can accurately convey important information that is indispensable in an emergency.

Municipalities that have adopted YUPO are shown in the figure (green).

Contributing to comfortable lives

Utilizing functions that combine the characteristics of both paper and film, YUPO helps people lead comfortable lives in various ways.

  • Providing hygienic lives with labels for bathrooms and kitchens that maintain their original beauty forever.
  • Providing safe and reliable lives with security labels that indicate that a package has not been opened.
  • Providing safe lives by protecting important information even in the event of a natural disaster.

YUPO can contribute to society only with the creativity of artists and designers who decorate products beautifully, and the technical skills and support of distribution, printing and processing companies who commercialize it in the best possible way. Good relationships with the people who live around our factories and the passion of the members of the YUPO Group are all starting points.

We will continue to strive to build healthy and friendly relationships with all of our stakeholders.

YUPO can play an active part in various situations

YUPO is used in various everyday situations that take advantage of its outstanding features.

  • Main use cases of YUPO and reasons for adoption

Advertising and Promotion

Resistant to water
Resistant to tearing
Beautiful reproducibility

Publications and Stationery

Resistant to water
Resistant to tearing

Packages and Labels

Resistant to water
Resistant to oils and chemicals

Specialty Products (Special Applications)

Easy to process
Writability, etc.

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To the extent possible, YUPO CORPORATION cooperates with activities aimed at regional contribution.
Please inquire here regarding the use of YUPO in events.