Corporate Philosophy

In May 2019, Yupo Corporation celebrated the 50th anniversary of its founding, and in 2020 declared "A Century of YUPO," a new corporate philosophy aimed at reinvigorating the "spirit of challenge" of its founding.

A Century of YUPO


Half a century ago, Yupo Corporation took on the challenge of creating the first "synthetic paper" in the world with the aim of "developing new materials to replace paper derived from pulp resources," and played a pioneering role in creating the markets and demands of today. The name "A Century of YUPO" carries the very DNA born from history, and represents the "preparedness" in tackling a multitude of challenges that will present themselves in the future.

"A Century of YUPO" comprises three sections: Message, Our Mission, and Our Code of Conduct. The Message, dubbed "To Today and Beyond," looks back on how our spirit of challenge was applied to overcome various roadblocks that were faced in developing our creative idea of making paper from synthetic resins, and illustrates our determination in unlocking future potential. Next, "Our Mission" represents our goals of creating better lives for people around the world, and is followed by "Our Code of Conduct" that outlines our expectations of each individual in Yupo Corporation.

Each member here at Yupo Corporation will continue to seek the best possible path based on "A Century of YUPO," sharing the values that we built our foundation on, and harnessing our individual and collective capabilities to carve out a new future, with the aim of becoming a value company for all of society.

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