Frequently Asked Questions

Inquiries about features of YUPO

How does synthetic paper differ from conventional paper (general paper)?

Whereas conventional paper (general paper) is made primarily from wood pulp, most synthetic paper is manufactured from oil-based synthetic resins (plastics). As a result, synthetic paper possesses characteristics resembling those of plastic film, but looks almost indistinguishable from regular paper. Synthetic paper outperforms regular paper in terms of moisture resistance (almost no structural deterioration or deformation when wet) and durability (resistance to tearing). In addition, it is resistant to chemicals and oils, and has an exceptionally smooth surface finish.

What is YUPO?

"YUPO" is a registered trademark of YUPO CORPORATION, and is a brand name covering the entire line of synthetic paper products manufactured by our company.
The idea for the name "YUPO" came from using the "P" from "paper" to connect the "YU" from our parent company Mitsubishi Yuka (present Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation) and the "O" from our parent company Oji Paper Company (present Oji Holdings Corporation).

  • *When using the YUPO name, please refer to our trademark usage guidelines.

What is the YUPO "smell"?

YUPO is synthetic paper with almost no smell. YUPO printed matter made with oil-based offset printing and YUPO ink has a pungent odor, which comes from the vegetable oil-derived YUPO ink. For applications in which smell is an issue, use PP or PET lamination on the printing surface.

Is YUPO hygienic for food use?

YUPO and ALPHAYUPO QJJ grade conform with the containers and packaging for foods (alcohol, fats and other general foods), excluding acidic foods with a pH of 5 and below, as described in the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare Announcement No. 370 (1959).


  • The safety of applications for foods has not been verified for YUPO processed goods or ALPHAYUPO, so avoid uses in which they come into direct contact with food.

However, as our company's manufacturing process itself is not in conformance with the hygiene standards stipulated in FSSC 22000, enact sanitation measures at the printing and processing stages when using YUPO for food utensils, containers, and packaging.

How do I dispose of YUPO?

While YUPO does not release toxic substances when incinerated, please follow your local municipality's guidelines for plastic categories when disposing of it as household waste. For commercial disposal, YUPO must be treated as industrial waste. Also, see information here.

About YUPO's bitterness

Some persons may experience bitterness if tasting YUPO or ALPHAYUPO. This bitterness results from the chemical agents used in YUPO surface treatment, and, as noted above, is safe and harmless to humans. To avoid effects of bitterness in food packaging, etc., use film lamination.


As YUPO is not a food, do not eat or lick the products.

Is YUPO recyclable?

Yes. YUPO is mainly made from polypropylene (PP), a material with outstanding recyclability, and can be recycled in a variety of ways. As it is made from the same polyolefin resin used for shampoo bottles and the like, YUPO labels can be recycled without having to be peeled off the bottle. Once melted down and molded, the material can be reused in recycled products such as plastic flower pots and pegs.

Can YUPO be used with photocopiers in offices or convenience stores?

No. Exposure to the high temperatures generated by conventional copy machines or laser printers can result in deformation of YUPO and unexpected problems. However, there are laser printer models for production that can be used with YUPO. Please inquire for details.

Inquiries about obtaining YUPO

Where can I get a sample of YUPO?

Please direct inquiries about samples here. In addition, small volumes can be purchased from the Paper Mall online shop.

Can I use YUPO for school or regional events?

To the extent possible, our company cooperates with activities aimed at regional contribution. Please inquire here regarding the use of YUPO in events.

Where can I buy YUPO?

While we do not sell our products directly, we are happy to put you in contact with our distributors, so please don't hesitate to inquire. In addition, small volumes can be purchased from the Paper Mall online shop. For designer products using YUPO, purchase is possible through our directly operated shop Yupomarche.

Can I buy YUPO overseas?

Yes. At present, we have bases in the United States (Virginia) Europe (Düsseldorf), China, India, and Thailand, as part of our global sales structure. Please inquire about the country where you wish to purchase, and we will put you in touch with the relevant distributor.

In what sizes is YUPO sold?

YUPO is broadly divided into roll products and sheet products. While sheets are available in both standard and custom sizes, please note that rolls are generally only available in custom sizes.

Inquiries about printing and processing YUPO

What should I keep in mind when printing on and processing YUPO?

Care should be taken in matters including ink, drying time, advance preparation, spray powders, and more. See the "About printing" page for details.

Can YUPO be used with inkjet printers and laser printers?

Yes. We have grades that are usable with wide format inkjet printers. Please choose the grade suited to your printer. Regarding laser printers, YUPO is not recommended for use with models that use high temperatures, but can be used with some low-temperature models. Please inquire for details.

Is special ink required for YUPO printing?

Yes. With the exception of some grades (SUPERYUPO and OY Coat), be sure to use YUPO ink. See the "About printing" page for details.

What should I keep in mind when processing YUPO?

Care is required in cutting and folding. See the "About processing" page for details.

How can I try out YUPO for printing and processing?

Thank you for your interest. If there are any unclear points, please inquire from here.

Is YUPO recommended for use as a shade for lighting equipment?

YUPO is a material with low heat tolerance. When used with lighting equipment, it must be kept well away from high temperatures. Please inquire here.


How can I request media coverage of YUPO?

Thank you for your interest. The General Affairs Department in our Head Office handles these inquiries. Please call the main telephone line (+81-(0)3-5281-0811) or contact us through the inquiry form.