YUPO can be used just like paper and works better than paper.

YUPO is suitable for handwriting and can be used as stationery. But it also offers a high level of durability that means it can be used repeatedly.

Memo Pads

Because YUPO is water resistant, YUPO memo pads can be used in the kitchen or outdoors.

Vocabulary Books

With YUPO, you can memorize vocabulary even in the bath.

Sticky Notes

With YUPO, you can write sticky notes that will not tear easily.
Translucent products are also available in a wide range of variations.

Recommended product grades


  • FGS60~300μm
  • Standard

Improved dust/For oil-based/UV offset

A general-purpose product with a wide variety of thicknesses.


  • TPRA60, 90 μm
  • Translucent

Translucent product with excellent durability

A thin translucent product.

Both sides are suitable for handwriting.

For digital printing

  • YPI150~300μm
  • For digital printing

Compatible with HP Indigo digital printing presses/
production printers

Compatible with digital printing presses. Enables small lot printing with YUPO.