Glass Bottle Labels

If you need a bottle label—Choose YUPO.

Since YUPO is water resistant, labels do not wrinkle even when condensation forms.
In addition, they are easy to peel off, making waste separation easy.
Types of YUPO that can use water-based adhesives can be used for glued-on labels on bottles.

Alcoholic Beverage Bottle Labels

For glued-on labels on alcoholic beverage bottles such as Japanese sake.

Nutritional Drink Labels

Easy to remove and easy to separate, making it easy to recycle.

Recommended product grades

For labels

  • LAR75, 95 μm
  • For labels

For glued-on labels/linerless labels

Since the back surface can absorb water, water-based adhesives can be used, and the labels are easy to remove from the container.

  • LARG75, 95 μm
  • For labels

For glued-on labels/linerless labels

In addition to the features of previous products, this product reduces CO2 emissions by replacing some of the fossil fuel-derived resin, which is the main raw material, with plant-derived biomass resin.

Laminated products

  • WSF110, 160 μm
  • Laminated products

Japanese paper texture

This product is a laminate of YUPO and unwoven fabric. Ideal for posters and packaging with a Japanese paper texture.

For digital printing

  • YPI150~300μm
  • For digital printing

Compatible with HP Indigo digital printing presses/
production printers

Compatible with digital printing presses. Enables small lot printing with YUPO.