Use YUPO to increase the effectiveness of your advertising.

YUPO is also ideal for various promotional uses, such as campaign stickers for beverages that take advantage of its water resistance and easy removal, and horticultural labels on which dates and plant names can be written.

Campaign Stickers

YUPO is ideal for beverage campaign stickers, as it is resistant to condensation and hard to tear.

Horticulture Labels

YUPO is used for horticultural labels on which plant names and dates can be written due to its weather resistance and suitability for handwriting.

Recommended product grades


  • FGS60~300μm
  • Standard

Improved dust/For oil-based/UV offset

A general-purpose product with a wide variety of thicknesses.

For labels

  • SGS60, 80, 110 μm
  • For labels

Face stock for letterpress printing

A face stock for adhesive labels that offers both suitability for letterpress printing and suitability for adhesive processing.

Face stock for letterpress printing/Product with improved thermal transfer suitability

A face stock for adhesive labels with improved heat transfer printing suitability.


  • QJJ350~500μm
  • Thick

Thicker/double-sided matte product

Double-sided matte type. Particularly thick among YUPO products. A variety of thicknesses are available.

Thicker/Single-side gloss product

Single-sided gloss type. Particularly thick among YUPO products.

For digital printing

  • YPI150~300μm
  • For digital printing

Compatible with HP Indigo digital printing presses/
production printers

Compatible with digital printing presses. Enables small lot printing with YUPO.