Disaster Management

YUPO's strengths protect lives in emergencies.

Because you never know when and where a disaster will strike, it is always useful to carry a sturdy YUPO pocket manual.

Disaster Management Manuals

You can carry a YUPO disaster management manual with you for a long period, even with pocket size.
Useful in the case of an emergency.

Hazard Maps

Hazard maps are essential for disaster risk management.
Even if used repeatedly in disaster prevention drills, YUPO hazard maps are hard to tear and can be used with confidence.

Triage Tags

Triage tags are used to identify the level of urgency of a patient.
Carbon-free YUPO that allows copying is used in this application.

Recommended product grades


  • FGS60~300μm
  • Standard

Improved dust/For oil-based/UV offset

A general-purpose product with a wide variety of thicknesses.

  • FEB95~300μm
  • Standard

Fast drying and clear printing with YUPO ink

A fast drying type product that drastically shortens the drying time of YUPO ink.

  • FEBG95~300μm
  • Standard

Fast drying and clear printing with YUPO ink

In addition to the features of previous products, this product reduces CO2 emissions by replacing some of the fossil fuel-derived resin, which is the main raw material, with plant-derived biomass resin.


  • VCA65VCB65VCC65
  • Coated

Pressure-sensitive copy paper.

VCA (top paper), VCB (middle paper), and VCC (bottom paper) are available, and the product is ideal for form slips and triage tags.