"Strong and beautiful" lasts a long time.

Since YUPO is easier to process than a laminated paper menu, the number of processes can be reduced, lowering costs.
YUPO is hygienic because water and dirt cannot penetrate.

Restaurant Menus

YUPO offers print reproducibility that makes food look delicious and durability that means that menus can be used for a long time.

Karaoke Facility Menus

Menus made with YUPO are durable and long-lasting.
Menus can be used hygienically without water or dirt soaking in.

Recommended product grades


  • FGS60~300μm
  • Standard

Improved dust/For oil-based/UV offset

A general-purpose product with a wide variety of thicknesses.

  • FEB95~300μm
  • Standard

Fast drying and clear printing with YUPO ink

A fast drying type product that drastically shortens the drying time of YUPO ink.

  • FEBG95~300μm
  • Standard

Fast drying and clear printing with YUPO ink

In addition to the features of previous products, this product reduces CO2 emissions by replacing some of the fossil fuel-derived resin, which is the main raw material, with plant-derived biomass resin.


  • QJJ350~500μm
  • Thick

Thicker/double-sided matte product

Double-sided matte type. Particularly thick among YUPO products. A variety of thicknesses are available.

Digital Printing

Compatible with HP Indigo digital printing presses/
production printers

Compatible with digital printing presses. Enables small lot printing with YUPO.