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YUPO grades that are completely opaque even when printed on with different pictures/patterns on the front and back are ideal for train and taxi window stickers.
YUPO also offers a lineup of products that can be affixed without using glue.

Window Stickers

YUPO is ideal for double-sided stickers for windows because the picture/pattern on the opposite side cannot be seen.

Stickers that leave no trace

No tape, glue, or thumbtacks is required, making it easier to affix window stickers.

Recommended product grades

Laminated products

  • WCFA125, 195 μm
  • Laminated products

100% opacity concealment

A product with 100% opacity in pursuit of a complete black-out effect. Ideal for double-sided printing.

For labels

  • SGS60, 80, 110 μm
  • For labels

Face stock for letterpress printing

A face stock for adhesive labels that offers both suitability for letterpress printing and suitability for adhesive processing.

Face stock for letterpress printing/Product with improved thermal transfer suitability

A face stock for adhesive labels with improved heat transfer printing suitability.


  • Adhesive

Micro-suction sheet that can be applied and peeled off repeatedly

Micro-suction sheet that can be applied and peeled off many times. The air between the sticking surface and the sheet can easily be squeezed out, meaning that the sheet can be easily attached. Many types are available.

  • Adhesive

100% no glue residue

A YUPO sheet that can be adhered by electrostatic force. Since no adhesive is used, there is no adhesive residue. Many types are available.