Back Lights

Gently lets light and colors shine through, creating rich colors.

YUPO offers excellent weather resistance and is suitable for long-term installations.
Since the light is evenly diffused, you can create a more colorful appearance.

Back-Lit Posters

Back-lit posters produce vividness day and night.
You can select the paper according to the colors of the picture/pattern.

Back-Lit Menus

Stimulate customer purchases with warm colors.
A cool and fresh feeling can also be created.

Recommended product grades


  • BLR150μm
  • Translucent

Ideal for designs with a warm palette

A translucent product developed for illuminated signs. YUPO Back Light looks beautiful when back-lit.

  • BCR160μm
  • Translucent

Ideal for designs with a cool palette

Ideal for cosmetics and other applications due to its bluish hue.


  • RMM400μm
  • Thick

Thicker/Translucent product

Translucent type. Particularly thick among YUPO products.