YUPO Building Materials Paper

KPK/Thickness: 80 μm

For building materials/High surface strength

Furniture decorative panels, wallpaper, etc.
  • This product features enhanced surface strength.
  • Suitable for applications such as decorative surface paper for furniture, wallpaper, and labels that require strength.
  • Made to order only for roll products. Please contact us for details.
Printing method
  • Gravure printing
Printing surface Double-sided
Front gloss Front Matte
Back Matte
Suitable for handwriting Pencil
Oil-based pen
Product catalog available? No

YUPO Carbonless

VCA 65 (upper paper)/76 μm
VCB 65 (middle paper)/75 μm
VCC 65 (lower paper)/66μm
VCC 350 (lower paper)/350 μm

Pressure-sensitive copy paper.

Copy paper slips, forms, triage tags, etc.
  • Pressure-sensitive copy paper with a special coating on the YUPO sheet.
  • Compatible with general-paper inks. (Assumes light pictures/patterns such as text and ruled lines.)
  • When you write on the upper paper, it is copied to the middle paper and lower paper.
  • Please contact us for printing, collating, and binding, as there are precautions regarding processing.
Printing method
  • Oil-based offset printing/(General-paper inks: 1C, text, and lines only)
Printing surface Single-sided
  • *Only VCC 350 is double-sided
Front gloss Front Matte
Back Matte
Suitable for handwriting Pencil
Oil-based ballpoint pen
Dedicated catalog available? No

OK Clean Paper

Grade/Basis weight
  • *In the grade, the asterisk indicates the paper color.
    B: Light blue, P: Light pink, G: Light green
    Y: Light yellow, W: White, V: Violet

Outstanding low dust generation

Notebooks for clean room, notepads, chart paper, process control tables, etc.
  • With this product, pulp is carefully selected and impregnated with a special resin to reinforce it so that it does not generate dust even if the fibers are torn.
  • OK Clean Paper can be used with general copiers and inkjet printers.
  • Demonstrates excellent preservability as a neutral paper that is less affected by discoloration, rust, and corrosion due to contact with metal.
  • Six colors are available. You can choose different colors according to the application, such as distinguishing from general paper or document management.
Printing method
  • Copiers
  • Inkjet printers
  • Other offset printing and gravure printing
Printing surface Double-sided
Color Six colors Light blue, light pink, light green,
light yellow, white, violet
Dedicated catalog available? Yes (Please contact us for details)

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