OY Coated

VAFW 105/105μm
VAFW 120/115μm
VAFW 135/132μm

YUPO for general-paper inks

Outdoor posters, general posters, POP, etc.
  • A special coating layer is applied to each side of the YUPO sheet.
    Double-sided printing is possible with general-paper inks, such as art paper and coated paper.
  • Matte front and back.
  • We recommend SUPERYUPO for single-sided printing.
Printing method
  • Oil-based offset printing (general-paper inks, YUPO ink)
Printing surface Double-sided
Front gloss Front Matte
Back Matte
Product catalog available? Yes (Please see the catalog download page)

YUPOCOAT for printing

VIF 70/70μm
VIF 90/90μm
VIF 120/120μm
VIF 140/140μm
VIFW 115/115μm
VIS 90/90μm
VIS 120/120μm

Compatible with dot matrix printers, seals, and water-based pens

Forms, delivery slips, notepads, notebooks, etc.
  • This product is made by applying a special coating to the YUPO sheet, making it suitable for dot matrix printers, water-based pens, and seals.
  • VIF supports single-sided printing, VIFW supports double-sided form printing, and VIS supports UV letterpress printing as an adhesive face stock.
Printing method VIF Impact dot matrix printers, form printing
VIFW Oil-based offset printing/(YUPO ink)
VIS Impact dot matrix printers, UV letterpress printing
Printing surface VIF Single-sided
VIFW Double-sided
VIS Single-sided
Product catalog available? No

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