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Notice of Participation in Ministry of the Environment's "Plastics Smart" Campaign

March 2, 2020

Yupo Corporation (Kanda Surugadai, Chiyoda, Tokyo; Masashi Watanabe, President, "Yupo") endorses the principles of "Plastics Smart" run by the Ministry of the Environment, and has participated in the campaign from February 2020.

"Plastics Smart" is a campaign run by the Ministry of the Environment aimed at advancing and encouraging a "smarter relationship with plastics." The campaign began in October 2018 to advance initiatives aimed at resolving the problem of marine litter around the world through the cooperation and collaboration of individuals, municipalities, NGOs, companies, research institutes, and others.

Yupo endorses these activities, and has registered three case studies of initiatives with the "Plastics Smart" campaign.

For more details, see the "Plastics Smart" campaign site below.

Yupo was established in 1969 with the mission of researching and developing "new materials (synthetic paper) to replace paper" with the aim of conserving forestry and marine resources. Synthetic paper YUPO uses no wood as the raw material, and almost no water, and is has made valuable contributions to society as an environmentally-friendly product.

Yupo will continue aiming to achieve a recycling-oriented, sustainable society that addresses environmental issues as an entire group effort.

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