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Overview of enhancement of YUPO GREEN Series

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

As society demands that companies implement environmental initiatives, Yupo Corporation is actively working on the development of environmentally friendly products. As part of these efforts, the company has decided to renew some of its products as environmentally friendly grades that contain olefin-based biomass resin.

  1. 1. Concept of environmentally friendly grade YUPO GREEN
    Conventional synthetic paper YUPO used polypropylene resin and inorganic filler as the main raw materials. Yupo Corporation has now developed a new product YUPO GREEN that can contribute to global warming countermeasures. This new product reduces greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions by substituting a part of the fossil fuel-derived resin with plant-derived olefin-based biomass resin.
    The olefin-based biomass resin is derived from plants such as sugarcane. It is a carbon-neutral raw material since atmospheric CO2 is absorbed as the plants grow through photosynthesis, meaning that the CO2 emitted during incineration can be regarded as zero.
  2. 2. Target products
    Products that incorporate olefin-based biomass resin will be classified as the YUPO GREEN Series, and all thicknesses of the current products SUPERYUPO, ULTRAYUPO, and AQUAYUPO will be renewed and the grade names will be changed.
  3. 3. New names of YUPO GREEN series
    ■ SUPERYUPO FRBG 110,130 / FRRG 70
    ■ ULTRAYUPO FEBG 95,110,130,150,200,250,300
    ■ AQUAYUPO LARG 65,75,95
    There is no change in the thicknesses or standard sizes of the conventional products and lineup.
    The product names (SUPERYUPO, etc.) are unchanged, and the letter "G" is added to the end of the alphabet in the grade notation.
  4. 4. Scheduled release date
    Sales will begin on December 2, 2019 (planned). As soon as the current product inventory is depleted, we will start shipping the product sequentially, and we will discontinue the current products (FRB, FRR, FEB, LAR).
  5. 5. Physical properties of YUPO GREEN
    The basic properties, printability and appearance, etc. of YUPO GREEN are the same as current products.
    In addition, there is no change in the survey results for various environmentally hazardous substances and food safety.
  6. 6. Questions/Inquiries
    Please contact our sales representative or the following contact information.
    We also accept inquiries from the inquiry form.

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