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Special Paper
YUPO's primary material is polypropylene, giving it the outstanding durability and strength of plastic film, combined with the special properties of natural paper. YUPO has many obvious uses, but it also finds applications in somewhat unusual areas. You can count on YUPO to meet a wide variety of needs.
We can only present you with a small portion of YUPO's possible applications here. Take a look around...wherever you turn, there's a role for YUPO.
People choose YUPO for its...
(1) Usability as a Memo Pad for Divers
Divers often wish they could take notes or draw pictures underwater. Now these wishes have come true. YUPO's combination of water-resistance and writing ability has made underwater writing possible.
(2) Usability in Medical Settings
More than anywhere else, medical environments demand cleanliness. YUPO is used in medical settings thanks to its low dust production. In dental settings, YUPO has achieved a great reputation as a disposable dental cement mixing paper thanks to its hygienic nature and labor-saving abilities.
YUPO(R) Can Be Used For:
- Election Ballotting Slips - Golf Scorecards, Flags or Hole Guides - Ski-Lift Tickets
- Various Cards - Tags - Outdoor Booklets
- Day-Planner Index Maps - Electronic Appliance's Warranty Cards/Slip Sheets - Patient Charts/Blood-Test Sheets
- Dental Cement Mixing Paper - Building Material - Various Manuals
- Business Cards - Signs - Watch Dial Plates
- Battery Insulation Paper - Triage Tags - Various Tickets & More
Grade Chart
Name Grade Thickness Characteristics
ULTRAYUPO FEB 95, 110, 130, 150, 200, 250 For use with ink for Synthetic Paper. Dries quickly. Excellent printing reproducibility.
YUPO® General FPG 60, 80, 95, 110, 130, 150, 200, 250, 300 Double-sided mat.
UV Offset Printable YUPO FGS 60, 80, 95, 110, 130, 150, 200, 250, 300 Double-sided mat. For standard and UV offset printing. Upgrade over FPG with less paper dust.
YUPOTRACE TPRA 60, 75, 90 Translucent grade of YUPO. Can be written on with pencil. For technical drawings and other uses.
Back-Light YUPO® BLR 150 Thicker and translucent type of YUPO for backlighted posters.
YUPOCLEAN YAA* 80 Ultra-low dust production for use in cleanrooms.
SUPERYUPO FRB 110, 130 Can be used with conventional ink. Dries quickly. Excellent printing reproducibility.
FRR 70 Can be used with designated conventional inks. Dries quickly. Excellent printing reproducibility.
ALPHAYUPO QJJ 350, 400, 500 A thick YUPO product. Ideal for signboards and POP.
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