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It's the information that links producers to consumers. YUPO gets the job done with the clear barcodes and durable price labels that allow you to reliably obtain the information you need for distribution tracked online or at the cash register.
Whether for an advertising sticker on a can of food or on taxi, YUPO can take on any task, large or small.
People choose YUPO for its...
(1) Beautiful Reproducibility
YUPO® is primarily made from polypropylene, and it not only can it withstand water without any worries but also allow for bright and colorful printing. Package labels made of YUPO will make your product beautifully colorful, and its clear printing will ensure that barcodes and other important information are delivered faithfully.
(2) Outstanding Durability
YUPO is highly resistant to pulls, bends and impacts. Labels made from YUPO therefore do not tear easily when peeled off. Advertising stickers can make the most of YUPO's properties, being easy to peel off and stick on again.
(3) Resistance to Oils and Chemicals
YUPO's strength is not limited to water-resistance. Even when exposed to chemicals such as acids, alkaline materials, organic solvents or oils, a label made of YUPO maintain their quality, making them ideal for labeling drums containing oils and other materials.
YUPO(R) Can Be Used For:
- Food-Product, Liquid Medication, Paint and Other Container Labels - Throw-On Labels - Composite Container Labels
- Header Labels - Flower/Plant Labels - POP Stickers
- Automobile Stickers - Construction-Site Stickers - Pharmaceutical Stickers
- Contest Application Stickers - Wet-Tissue Wrapper Stickers - Traceability Labels
- Inventory Tag Labels - Labels for Electric Appliances - Food-Product Labels
- Automobile-Interior Labels - Toy Labels - Distribution/Processing Management Labels
- Warning Labels & More        
Grade Chart
Name Grade Thickness Characteristics
YUPOTACK SGS 60, 80, 110 A versatile top sheet for tack converting. Increases the strength of the paper back, making it ideal for label removability.
SGP 80
YUPO® General FPG 60, 80, 95, 110, 130, 150, 200, 250, 300 Double-sided mat. For standard offset printing. Also performs well with gravure printing.
YUPOTRACE TPRA 60, 75, 90 Translucent YUPO. Can be written on with pencil.
SUPERYUPO FRR 70 Can be used with designated conventional inks. Dries quickly. Excellent printing reproducibility.
YUPOBlue YPI 150, 200, 250, 300 New grade for the HP Indigo line of digital printers.
Perfect for short run and customized pieces.
ULTRAYUPO FEB 95, 110, 130, 150, 200, 250 For use with ink for YUPO. Dries quickly. Excellent printing reproducibility.
ALPHAYUPO QJJ 350, 400, 500 A thick YUPO product. Ideal for signboards and POP.
HY-TEARYUPO WSF 110, 160 In addition to other YUPO properties, pasted to Japanese-style unwoven fabrics.
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