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Having created a gorgeous poster, have you ever had it completely ruined by the rain after hanging it outside? With beautiful reproducibility and a toughness that will stand up to the elements, YUPO performs both indoors and outdoors. Its many different thicknesses and varied line-up make it appropriate for many situations-from lighting displays to storefront POP. YUPO has received acclaim from multiple industries, being widely used by well-known fast-food chains, banks and convenience stores in Japan.
People choose YUPO for its...
(1) Tried and True Water-Resistance
YUPO's primary material is polypropylene. This material has outstanding durability, water-resistance and oil-resistance, protecting your valuable posters from the wind and rain. YUPO posters last a long time.
(2) Unique Printability
YUPO has strength, but it also has beauty. YUPO's unique printability includes outstanding reproducibility. You will be astounded by the quality of your finished product.
(3) Varied Line-Up
Thanks to not only being able to choose the thickness but also the degree of translucence, YUPO is ideal for back-lighted advertising displays. A whole variety of designs is yours for the choosing, including papers with metallic or Washi-paper textures.
(4) Usability as a Coasters or Press Sheets
If a product is to be used on a daily basis or pass through many hands, it has to be strong. YUPO surfaces have outstanding smoothness and are highly compatible with other plastic materials, making YUPO ideal for coasters or press sheets.
YUPO Can Be Used For:
- Outdoor Posters - Election Posters - General Posters - Indoor and Outdoor Billboards
- Vertical Banners - Back-lighted Displays - Large Hanging
- Swing Stickers - Catalogs - Pamphlets - Calendars
- Store Curtains - Image Coasters - Graduation
- Luncheon Mats
- Vending-Machine Posters - Mouse Pads
& More
Grade Chart
Name Grade Thickness Characteristics
ULTRAYUPO FEB 95, 110, 130, 150, 200, 250 For use with ink made for Synthetic Paper. Dries quickly. Excellent printing reproducibility.
SUPERYUPO FRB 110, 130 Can be used with conventional paper ink. Dries quickly. Excellent printing reproducibility.
FRR 70 Can be used with designated conventional inks. Dries quickly. Excellent printing reproducibility.
YUPO Regular FPG 60, 80, 95, 110, 130, 150, 200, 250, 300 Double-sided mat. For standard offset printing.
YUPOBlue YPI 150, 200, 250, 300 New grade for the HP Indigo line of digital printers.
Perfect for short run and customized pieces.
YUPO High-Gloss GFG 110, 130 One-sided gloss paper. For standard offset printing.
YUPOTRACE TPRA 60, 75, 90 Translucent grade of YUPO. Can be written on with pencil.
YUPO Back-Light BLR 150 Thick and translucent YUPO for backlighted posters.
ALPHAYUPO QJJ 350, 400, 500 A thicker YUPO product. Ideal for signboards and POP.
CLOTHYUPO WNF 135 To increase paper strength, YUPO is laminated with cloth. For one-side printing only.
WNFW 200 To increase paper strength, YUPO is laminated with cloth. Ideal for offset printing.
HY-TEARYUPO WSF 110, 160 In addition to other YUPO properties, pasted to Washi-style unwoven fabrics.
YUPO® for UV Silk screen / UV Inkjet Grade FPU 130, 200, 250 Higher durability. Superior performance for various kinds of outdoor posters.
YUPOJET VJFP,etc. 120, 170, 190 YUPO for large-format inkjet plotters. Ideal for ink jet printing. Also available to a maximum thickness of 340 µm (printing limitations apply so please consult with us before using).
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