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A New SUPERYUPO® Product for Use in Wrapping
  • Use the inks recommended by YUPO®
    This will eliminate crimpling and ruffling.
  • Significant improvement in ink drying, making continuous work with over 3,000 sheets possible and stacking of about 3,000 sheets possible (the same amount of powder as for coated paper can be used).
  • Water-resistance and tearing resistance is comparable to standard FRB and FGS.
  • Thin grade, making it easy to fold and wrap.
  • Outstanding printing glossiness and color reproducibility.
  • Can also be used with ink for synthetic paper.

Comparison between SUPERYUPO® FRR and competitors' papers.

Printing capability comparison with competitors' products. (using ink for cartons (single color))

Basic properties
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Recommended inks
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  This grade is for one-sided printing only (glossy surface is the printing face).

  • For heavy patterns, drying times may be significantly increased. Ensure that you select an ink that is appropriate for solid prints.
  • If your application requires a strong resistance to rubbing or scratching, please follow the following procedures as required:
    a. Use a special ink with high friction resistance, or add an appropriate volume (less than 5%) of polyethylene-type membrane strengtheners to regular paper ink.
    b. Use a rub-resistant overprint varnish. (Take care to also consider the heavy-color ratio of the OP varnish).
    c. Use an ink designed for synthetic paper.
    (For this scenario, please be prepared for ink smell)
    * The above measures increase in effectiveness in the order of c, b, a.
  • Use of an appropriate quantity of dampening water is essential. Use the same volume of dampening water as you would for FPG. Take special care to restrict the amount of water in the generating cylinder.
  • Depending on seasonal factors, printing conditions or ink type (high-tack or quick-drying), poor ink transfer may occur. For example, to reduce ink tack, add 00 varnish or other additives.
  • The package-opening side is the printing face. The printing face is glossy and difficult to write on with a pencil. Confirm which side is the printing face before loading paper.
  • Overnight inks and double-sided printing inks have slow drying times and may cause sheets to adhere to each other. Use with caution.

When printing, use proper care during pre-press set-up and proceed with printing while taking proper consideration of the requirements for each type of printing.
A better and more attractive finished product can be obtained by taking care to protect the printing surface.
Application examples
  Gift-wrapping paper, refrigerated & frozen food wrapping paper, vegetable binding tape, throw-on labels for seafood products, wrapping paper for frozen foods, etc.
Available standing inventory size
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