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Press Release YUPO CORPORATION R&D Center Building Construction Completed

Yupo Corporation (Kanda Surugadai, Chiyoda, Tokyo; Masashi Watanabe, President) is pleased to announce that its R&D center is now in operation since January 2020.

Yupo started building this R&D center in 2018 in order to, by enhancing Yupo's product development capability, meet today's varying market demands as well as the requirements posed by environmentally friendly products that satisfy the SDGs. Various pilot, prototype, and testing equipment distributed across the factory is now aggregated into the R&D center, as well as the practical evaluation machines (printing machines, labeling machines, decoration apparatus, and so on) and the latest analysis/inspection machines are implemented in the R&D center. This center serves as Yupo Group's core center, for both domestic and overseas companies, for its R&D, accelerating the group's innovative product development processes.

The previous factory sites related to R&D will be leveraged to increase Yupo's production capacity to meet the future demands, by rolling out the production facilities that support various types of products and new products.

■ Yupo R&D Center Overview

·Built at the site next to Kashima Plant
·A two-story reinforced concrete construction; 1,375㎡ (55m x 25m) building area
·Consisting of benchmarking equipment and various labs, evaluation facility, administration office, and meeting areas
·Total cost: 1,300 million JPY
·Construction company: Mitsubishi Chemical Engineering Corporation

株式会社YUPO Coporation(董事长 渡边真士、总公司:东京都千代田区神田骏河台,以下简称为“本公司”)自2020年1月开始正式启用研究开发大楼,特此告知。

本研究大楼于2018年动工,针对近年来越来越多样化的市场需求以及不断增高的对SDGs提倡的环保型产品的期待,旨在加强产品开发能力,大楼内集中了过去分散配置在工厂内的各种试点・试制・试验设备,同时引进了从各种打印、印刷机到贴标机及装饰装置等实用评价仪器,以及各种最新的分析・检查仪器。 本设施作为承担本集团公司国内外全体研究开发任务的据点,谋求进一步提高划时代新产品的开发速度。


■ 研究开发大楼简介

·钢筋混凝土造2层建筑 建筑面积1,375㎡ (55m x 25m)

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