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Press Release YUPO synthetic paper now compatible for on-demand printing with Ricoh production printers

YUPO Corporation (President and CEO: Hideyuki Fujiwara, Head Office: Tokyo, JAPAN) has introduced a new series of YUPO synthetic paper which is compatible for on-demand printing with production printers, something that had not been possible until now. The initiative will apply to production printers from Ricoh Corporation in Japan and will be effective from mid-May 2018.

In order to make YUPO "YPI" for digital printing with high toner adhesion compatible with production printers, we configured paper settings in cooperation with Ricoh Corporation’s domestic sales company, Ricoh Japan Corporation (President and CEO: Tomohiro Sakanushi, Head Office: Tokyo, JAPAN, hereunder “Ricoh Japan”) .

Demand for on-demand printing on YUPO synthetic paper had been growing in recent years and the current effort will be the first in Japan and the world. This initiative is designed to meet the printing sector’s demand for "small lot production of many products and shorter delivery times" and, since the range of applicable products includes POP displays, posters, menus and similar articles for which on-demand printing is particularly common, it is expected to significantly boost printing companies’ on-demand business.

YPI series YPI 150 YPI 200 YPI 250 YPI 300
Thickness (µm) 150 200 250 300
Weight (g/㎡) 115.5 158.0 200.0 234.0
Opacity (%) 96.0 98.0 99.0 99.0
Surface resistance(Ω) 9×1011> 9×1011> 9×1011> 9×1011>
Size Sheet 460mm×320mm
250 sheets per pack
125 sheets per pack
125 sheets per pack
125 sheets per pack

Moreover, by making YUPO synthetic paper compatible for printing with Ricoh Corporation’s production printers, normally installed in corporate offices for the benefit of production departments, we make it possible to create durable and water resistant products / promotional materials, thus eliminating the need for laminating printed materials in order to protect them.

Making YUPO synthetic paper compatible with production printers for the first time ever is our way to keep satisfying customers’ needs in ever better ways.

■ Compatible Ricoh Models

·RICOH PRO C9110/C9100
·RICOH PRO C7210S/C7200S
·RICOH PRO C7110S/C7220/C7100S
·RICOH PRO C5210S/C5200S

* Please note that even the above printers cannot be used under normal printing conditions. As the required printing conditions recommended by ©Ricoh Japan need to be configured, be sure to contact a Ricoh Japan representative before using the printers.
(Under consideration for other countries)

■ YUPO synthetic paper grade

·YUPO synthetic paper "YPI" series

* YPI is a YUPO synthetic paper which has excellent toner adhesion.
* Available in thicknesses ranging from 150 µm to 300 µm, compatible with stocked 460mmx320mm size
* YPI 150 not compatible with C9110 / C9100

■ Intended applications

·Printed materials which require durability and water resistance (menus, POP displays, posters, cards like medical cards, badges, name tags, scorecards and more.)

株式会社YUPO COPORATION(公司代表:代表取缔役社长 藤原英幸、总部:东京都千代田区神田骏河台)从近日起,开始提供过去无法实现的通过生产型打印机将合成纸YUPO用于按需印刷的服务。对象产品为日本株式会社RICOH生产的生产型打印机,服务开始日期自2018年5月中旬起。

本公司与作为株式会社RICOH在日本国内的销售代理公司RICOH JAPAN株式会社(公司代表:代表取缔役社长执行董事CEO坂主智弘、总部:东京都港区芝、以下简称RICOH JAPAN)共同携手,以确保具有极强结合性的用于数字印刷的YUPO「YPI」能顺利的使用于生产型打印机。纸张的设定条件也已确定。



YPI系列 YPI 150 YPI 200 YPI 250 YPI 300
厚度 (µm) 150 200 250 300
纸张定量 (g/㎡) 115.5 158.0 200.0 234.0
不透明度 (%) 96.0 98.0 99.0 99.0
表面拉毛阻力(Ω) 9×1011> 9×1011> 9×1011> 9×1011>
尺寸 单张纸 460mm×320mm
250 张/包
125 张/包
125 张/包
125 张/包

■ 株式会社RICOH产品 适用机型

·RICOH PRO C9110/C9100
·RICOH PRO C7210S/C7200S
·RICOH PRO C7110S/C7220/C7100S
·RICOH PRO C5210S/C5200S

* 即使是上述印刷机,在通常的印刷条件下也无法使用。必须在RICOH JAPAN推荐的印刷条件下方可使用,具体内容请向RICOH JAPAN的负责人员咨询。

■ 合成纸YUPO的对应级别


* YPI是与调色剂有着极强的结合性的合成纸YUPO。
* 适用于150μm ~ 300μm的各个厚度规格,A3规格纸的库存对应
* 仅适用于C9110/C9100,不适用于YPI 150

■ 预计的使用范围


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