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Press Release Development of YUPO GREEN synthetic paper made from biomass plastic resin

Yupo Corporation (President: Hideyuki Fujiwara; Head Office: Tokyo, JAPAN) has successfully developed a YUPO synthetic paper whose base ingredient is a biomass plastic resin and plans to market it in stages from 2018, starting with commercial printing applications and ultimately developing it for label applications.

While YUPO synthetic paper was traditionally made mostly of polypropylene resin and inorganic filler, the newly-developed "YUPO GREEN," achieved by substituting part of crude oil based resin to a plant-based biomass plastic resin, is a new environmentally-friendly product that contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions.

This biomass plastic resin is made from plants such as sugar cane which absorbs atmospheric CO2 in the course of the photosynthesis process carried by plants as part of their development cycle, and as a result, is considered as a carbon-neutral raw material when burned as a waste. Each 636×939 mm sheet of thick YUPO GREEN has an effect equivalent to switching off a fluorescent light for about one hour, while 250 sheets have an effect considered equal to saving 1,500 cc of gasoline.

YUPO synthetic paper was first developed in 1969 for the purpose of preserving forests and has been used up to the present day for a wide range of applications; however, in order to meet market needs and customers’ demand for products counteracting the effects of global warming, we have been promoting the development of ever more environmentally-conscious products which retain the performance quality of the original product.

As a leading company in synthetic paper, we have vigorously promoted the development and the commercialization of YUPO GREEN as an initiative consistent with the sustainable development goals (SDGs) advocated by the UN. Following development results, we plan to start selling YUPO GREEN from FY 2018 for commercial printing applications and to further develop it for various label applications, with the aim of selling 5,000 tons by 2022.

株式会社YUPO COPORATION (公司代表:代表取缔役社长 藤原英幸、总部:东京都千代田区),近日成功研制出以植物衍生树脂为原料的合成纸YUPO,计划从2018年度起以商业印刷品用纸为起点逐步展开销售活动,最终将销售范围扩展到标签纸产品。

通常的合成纸YUPO是以聚丙烯树脂和无机填料为主要原料,而本次开发研制出的「YUPO GREEN」,将植物衍生合成树脂取代了主要原料中的部分石油衍生合成树脂,是有助于减少温室效应气体(CO2)排放量的新型环保产品。
该植物衍生合成树脂是由甘蔗等植物性原料制成,植物生长时会进行光合作用并从空气中吸收CO2,因此该树脂可被视为燃烧废弃时CO2零排放的碳中和原料。厚纸「YUPO GREEN」的菊全判规格,每张纸的碳中和效果和荧光灯熄灯约1小时的效果相同,而250张则等同于减少消耗1,500cc汽油时的效果。


作为合成纸的龙头企业,本公司结合联合国提出的可持续发展目标(Sustainable Development Goals : SDGs),采取相应的措施积极投身于本次「YUPO GREEN」的研制开发和产品产业化的工作之中。基于本次的研发结果,计划将从2018年度起开始销售使用「YUPO GREEN」的商业印刷品用纸,并逐步将销售范围扩大到各种标签纸产品,力争到2022年销售总量达到5千吨。

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