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PR Information YUPO OCTOPUS® YUPO TAKO® Usage Examples list (image only)
Following is the usage example of YUPO OCTOPUS® / YUPO TAKO® which has recently gained popularity.
Please use this chart for consideration of material selection.
(1) Personal Information Screening Seal
(Application on Smart Cards)
(2) Counter /Desk Top Cling
(Counter/desk top writing pad, etc.)
(3) Cautionary Cling
(ATM, etc.)
(4) Erasable White Board
(5) Book cover with peel cover to show different art work.
(6) Answer piece seals for use with educational toys
(7) Table top cling for use at trade shows, etc.
(8) Decoration Cling for smart phones, portable video game machines
(9) Stickable Business Cards
(10) Mouse pad
(11) Retail store / POP cling
(i.e. Refrigerator, etc.)
(12) Retail store / POP cling
(flat panel display, HD TV, etc.)
(13) Retail store / Limited offer sale announcements
(14) Retails store / SOLD OUT cling sign
(15) Retail store / price tag
(16) Retail store / POP around the register
(17) Floor Decoration Cling Display
(Supermarkets, convenience store)
(18) Retail store / Cooler door cling - Drinks
(Supermarkets, convenience store)
(19) Retail store / show case display ice cream
(Supermarkets, convenience store)
(20) Promotional poster
(Auto Dealer, etc.)
(21) Retail store / store front POP display
(CD Shops, etc.)
(22) Retail store / store front display
(Limited Offer Sale / announcements, etc.)
(23) Retail store / store front display
(Fast Food chain, etc.)
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